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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Since I'm going to a baby shower this weekend, I feel I need something new to wear. Why? I do not know.

So I bought an entire outfit online. It's my favorite way to shop. My credit card info is saved for easy check-out, some sites have nifty parts where they tell you what would look good with those pants or that shirt. And some, like I found today, have entire outfits planned, so you just picks sizes and change the colors if you like... and voila! outfit. The only thing bad was that they didn't have priority shipping available today. So I have to deal with standard and hope it arrives friday or saturday before we leave. Oy. It could get here before that. I ordered today, it might get packed tonight and shipped tomorrow, and usually shipping is pretty fast, even though it says 4-7 business days.
I better think about back-up outfits tomorrow.

FYI, I have tons of clothes. A lot are very old. And some do not fit me any longer. It is hard for me to get rid of them, and it is hard for me to resist buying new things. All the possibilities!

I think the only reason I succumbed today is that there was a sale in progress. The only thing I that wasn't on sale tremendously was the pair of ballet flats. I also purchased SE a new winter jacket, hat and mittens. The jacket was on sale ($20). So I just have to find him some boots and snow pants and he's all set. SM should fit into an old jacket and snow pants we have and the boots will be a little big, but we'll make due.
All in all, it was a pretty good bargain: shoes, purse, pants, tank, sweater, jacket, hat and mittens for $110. I got free shipping too!

And.. I can always return some things!


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