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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Furious Rose

I love Lisa Loeb. I could totally look like her if I had longer hair. Wouldn't that be nice?
Anyhow... I'm in the market for new glasses. All because of Lisa. I love her glasses. I just have to make an appointment with my eye doctor.
I wonder if Lisa is touring? You'd think I could look that up, wouldn't you? Well, today I don't have time. I am swamped at work... 2 fluids, a stat retic and countless coag and heme samples. All I have left is the second fluid count (it's horrible! I had to dilute it 100X, I hope it's enough!), both fluid diffs and 2 morphs. And to rack all my crap and be sure there isn't anything left pending. If my doctor thought I had fluid in my joint and all he got was 3 drops of very bloody gunk, I'd be furious. And then I'd feel sorry for the poor MT that has to do counts and diffs on it because she's going to be furious!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one reads this. delete it. NOW!

Blogger Elizabeth said...

wow! so eloquent... and... thoughtful!

Blogger Elizabeth said...

and apparently... YOU read it.



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