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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What Exactly Was the Question?

To move, or not to move. It's something I think about almost every day. I like my house. I don't want to leave it. We've made it look pretty nice. It feels like HOME when I walk in. My kids like to run around the chimney upstairs.
Crime is getting worse the closer you get to the city. We're not that far out, though we are right on the edge (1 foot west of our garage is the next city)... but these things seem too close to home.

Where do we go? Where do we live? Where can SE go to school?

We like our church. That is where we looked into sending SE to school. He had such a fun time while we chatted with the teacher. Even SM loved it. Actually, he can go to school the following year.

It's hard to up and leave work, too. It's like I'd be letting them down.. even though I shouldn't worry about it. They will eventually find someone else to take my place and things will go on as if I wasn't there. (sad isn't it?)

I guess everything will be ok. Wherever we go, there is always one thing that will stay the same: my family.


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