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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Over Herd

SE love dinosaurs. Fueling the habit was dinosaurs from Auntie Abbey and Grandpa P for Christmas. It's ok, we don't mind. It's amazing how much he knows. He know all their names.. and when you get it wrong, he says "no, Mommy, that's a Dilophosaurus."
Actually, I think I started his habit. I took him to our museum on free-Mondays. They don't have a spectacular dinosaur exhibit. I don't think it has changed since I was there in the 4th grade (about 17 years ago). But they do have an actual Torosaur skeleton. Also, there are large replicas of a Stegosaurus and a T-Rex eating a Triceratops (appetizing).
Both SE and SM love to set up the dinosaurs. Usually they are all facing the same direction on the "grass" that Grandpa made for their little table. Other times they are eating leaves off of some artificial plants (I tend to kill plants). It's nice to see them both play quietly together once in a while.
Today we got a couple of new dinosaur books from the bookstore. We have already read them once in the short time we were home between shopping and me leaving for work. Even if they're the ones with lots of words, SE is usually happy if I name the dinosaurs after he points and says "that one", "and that one", "and that one, Mommy", "what's that one". Sometimes I have him tell me the names of dinosaurs.

That's all I can think of about that. Sorry that the paragraph structure is crap, I'm tired.

In quilt news.... I machine quilted the whole thing over the weekend. That was scary and fun. Scary because I just decided to do a random looping over the entire thing (sort of like stippling, but with loops) and once you start, it's a little hard to start over. I was going to do a "regular" pattern where I'd draw what I wanted with chalk pencil and then stitch over it, but I tested that on a sample and I didn't like the way it looked. After testing the tension on the sample I made, I decided to just go for it. Some parts are a little shaky and the stitch length is very inconsistent, but I think it turned out nice. There are only a couple of places where the fabric got puckered. I can live with that. I even made a couple of hearts and the word "love" twice. Now I'm working on stitching the binding around to the back by hand. Then I will be done! I'll try to take some close-ups of the stitching and post them soon.

Might I just add: the spell check on this thing is lame. It doesn't highlight the word it's checking so you have no idea if you should replace it or not!


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