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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The crying game

SM has been very unagreable today. Crying and crying and crying. I think he needs a nap, but, also, he won't eat very much. Right now, he is pulling the drawstring out of my pajama pants, whilst crying. Poor guy.


We are having such wonderful weather around here! The high is supposed to be 70 degrees. I'm excited because my husband might be taking the afternoon off work. That way, we can all go to the zoo together. It is a rare thing, since I work evenings.
I enjoy working at night. I'm greatful to have found a part-time job in my field being they are so rare. I only work 25 hours a week. I'm home by 9:30. My children don't need to go to daycare (not that there's something wrong with that) and they get to spend quality time with their dad, who gets the added benefit of taking care of them by himself. Seeing the father as a care-taker is very good for children.

And speaking of children... SM is back, and crying. One cracker can do only so much.


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