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Friday, December 30, 2005

Quinks (quilting links)

I'm browsing fabric. Once I've been to a shop, the mind really starts going with all the colors and patters and all the possibilities! Many "quinks" to click:

This is a nice one.
These are pretty.
Cute houses. I like it, but don't know if I'd use it. I would look good with denim.
bright fabric. Or "breit".
Awww... looks cozy.
I love the sunflowers in this
set of batiks.
I've never seen
repros from this the 19th century.
This would make a neat stack 'n' wack. (i was looking for "stack and wack" on the internet, and my blog came up. crazy.)
I love the way
blue and yellow look together.
I also
love asian prints. Especially those with gold accents in them.

I think I might try this
mystery quilt. Since I have so many fat quarters now... why not!
I like some of the patterns
here, I'll have to look around.

Or, if you want to
cut your own fats.

Well, I'm a bit quinked out for now. Off to do some work.


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