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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Maybe say maybe

It's been a long day.

Despite medication, I'm feeling not quite right. I don't have enough energy. I'd rather sit around in my pajamas and read than play with the kids. It's hard to get off the couch to make lunch... let alone decide what to make. The odd thing is: I've been exercising! Last week, I did three days, plus something on a fourth, and we walked around the home expo on Sunday. Monday, I did four miles on our recumbent bike and little arm lifting. I thought exercising was supposed to make you feel good, give you energy, endorphins, ward of the depression. Maybe there's a break-in period. Who's to say? Well, I'm still slouchy and indifferent. Hopefully I can keep up the exercising, as it was part of my "New Year's Resolutions".

I think this is the first year in a long time that I've made "resoultions"... but I think they should be goals. Especially things that you can actually accomplish without a TON of extra effort. When people set their goals too high, the whole process can backfire and cause distress when the goals aren't met. Anyhow, here's my list:
  1. Exercise 3-5 times a week (biking, stretching, weights and yoga)
  2. Eat more healthy foods (e.g. limit sugar, eat more whole fruits and vegetables)
  3. Organize clothes and house-- and keep them that-a-way!
  4. Add dishwasher and pantry to kitchen

I think they are pretty attainable goals:

The exercising should be good, as long as I can keep up the motivation. My husband helps with that, even though I usually tell him to "stuff it" when he does try to get me to exercise. Gotta work and that too, I suppose. Maybe next year!

Based upon analysis of my horrible diet of blizzards and cheesburgers, and most recently chocolates and all manner of christmas cookies, I thought that I could try to eat better this year. Once all those cookies are gone, we should be ok. As long as I keep good fruits and vegetables in the house, I'm more apt to eat them.

Organizing the clothes shouldn't be too hard. I started some of that last year (a couple of months ago now), but once it's done, it will be heaven. Heaven! Also, I organized the kids "crafty cupboard" in the dining room. With labels and everything. I also tried to make a dent in my box of photos and empty photo albums. I started moving our wedding proofs to an album that was a wedding gift. It has space to write about the picture. So that project has been dented. Hopefully it will be completed this year. Maybe I should just do one at a time, that way it will be like accomplishing something each time. Wheras lumping them all together will take a long time, it will become disheartening.

The last one, about the kitchen, is on there so we actually do it. Not just talk about it! We don't have a dishwasher, so we seem to have a big problem actually doing the dishes. I told my in-laws to let us know if they were coming to visit so we could quarantine the kitchen, since it's been declared a disaster and we're still waiting on FEMA. Periodically, my husband goes nuts (in a good way) and cleans the whole thing. Sadly, it is short-lived. Putting in a dishwasher, which my dad suggested, and said he could do himself, would make our lives easierd. The pantry, which my mom suggested during the same conversation, would be awesome. I would have all my extra items and food items easily accessible. Plus, it would have a door. So as to keep out little children who like to empty out cabinets and recylcing bins. SM would say "but mo-om! The weatlth of treasure they may hold is to great to keep from modern society! I MUST pull everything out until I am sure there is nothing left of value."... if he could talk, that is.

Maybe I've come up with a good plan, an "attainable" one, anexecutable one. Maybe it will all wait until next year.


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