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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Plain Jane

I came across this article while reading MUBAR today. Like Jen, I would like to comment. If I only had some time to think about it a bit! Yea it has been a twelvemonth since I had the pleasure to pass the time thinking of such issues.
Which reminds me, I am almost done with "Pride and Predjudice". I saw the commercial for the movie a while back and decided I must read the book. Rachel gives a thoughtful and educated deconstruction/comparison of the book to the movie... I have yet to finish reading all her posts on the subject (look under 11-6, 11-12, & 11-16).
I will post my thoughts on the book later, but I have one observation to post now, since I have been thinking it today and if I don't post it, it will be long gone when I need it:

I am currently reading "Pride and Predjudice" by Jane Austen. The last book I read was "Marker" by Robin Cook. The later was an excellent book: gripping, fast-reading, and could possible have been non-fiction. He's also one of my favorite writers in the medical-thriller genre. Now that I'm reading "P&P", I am reflecting on how this novel is also so gripping, I would love nolthing more than to sit down and read it cover to cover. This book has no dead bodies, morgues, killer nurses and corrupt insurance companies. It has women, men, dancing and lots of conversation. How is it that a book written almost 200 years ago has more appeal to me than most novels written this past year?

..more to come.


Anonymous rachel said...

Well, it HAS withstood the test of time. I reckon 99% of the books written the same year as P&P do not even exist anymore. People forget (unless they work at antiquarian bookstores) that most books published in any given year are completely forgettable, and that applies to the past as well as the present. Time has done the winnowing for us.

Glad you're enjoying it! It is my favourite book in the whole world, just about.

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