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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Test Patterns

In a fit of violent creativity and insanity, I bought the trappings for a cushion for our window seat. Along with that, I bought some stuff for the making of chair-pads/cushions for the dining room table. Not only did it cost way too much for a DIY-type thing, but it took WAY TOO LONG in the store.
Oddly, during the week, in the afternoon, is the worst time to go shopping at the fabric store. Not only are the old ladies out and about, but so is everyone else.... including me: complete with 2 tired kids, one of whom has to go "pee on the potty!!!" every 15 minutes. I think I was there over an hour.
I found the foam... and waited at least 10 minutes to get it cut (only to length, they won't cut it any other way!). Then I found some fabric that I liked and had to roam around the store while I tried to figure out how much yardage I would need. This was a gigantic feat unto itself. You try doing abstract math in your head while your 20-month-old throws things out of the cart and you are interupted for yet another potty break by the 3 1/2 year old. I finally decided how much I needed, and had to take another number. This wait was as long, if not longer, than the first wait. The "cutter" was neither friendly nor socialble.
To top it off, I almost stole 4 chair pads.

Cut to Saturday night. I think the thing that slipped my mind (my harried, crazy, busy, over-worked mind) at the fabric store was to get a pattern. That would have made my life much simpler. Instead, I decided I could wing-it. I guess the chair pad turned out OK. But I am less than thrilled and am now trying to decide if I should look for a
pattern (which would most likely entail buying yet more fabric), or just scrap the whole project.

Or, I could spend the rest of my free time coming up with cute craft puns.


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