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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Thoughts... or The Beauty of Gray

this is not a black and white world / to be alive i say the
colors must swirl / and i believethat maybe today / we will all get to
appreciate /
the beauty of gray

Today, a nice little list:

  • Got new work shoes. They're a half size to small, but I could not find anything in my size, nor in the color that I wanted in any other shoe! Grrr... Kohls.
  • Finally printed out pictures from my trip to Kentucky back in November. I even set up the printer all by myself. FB must be proud.
  • SE has been "super" difficult yesterday and today. Just crazy nuts, not listening, being crabby, whiney, rude and mean.
  • Got Bodukon via Netflix. T and I did it once the other day. 20 minutes of yoga and then about 10 of the karate-type stuff. I liked it, but we haven't really felt like exercising since. SE's attitude takes a lot out of one.
  • Watched Elizabethtown over Easter weekend, since I was by myself. Not what I was expecting! I liked it. That is all I remember.
  • Watched Proof the other night with T. It was good. Reminded me a little of what I was like before going on the medicine. Though, I don't think I was ever that bad. I would like to watch it again. Gwyneth Paltrow did a really good job playing her character. And Jake Gyllenhal wasn't so bad, though I don't see why people think he is hot, or whatever. Anthony Hopkins also did a good job. Not once did I think of Silence of the Lambs. And that, Clarice, is a good thing.


Anonymous rachel said...

Just stopped by to wish you a happy Mother's Day!


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