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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The DMB Effect**

I sort of liked Dave Matthews band way back in high school (94-96) when their debut album was released. It was something new, something catchy, something to hang your hat on.
Then the frat boys got a hold of them.
I don't know what it is about DMB, but it seems to me like that is the band to listen to if you're in the greek system. Part of pledge-week hazing, possibly. They make you memorize all the lyrics and sing them while doing keg stands*. Or immortalize the lyrics on a nice little wooden picture frame along with your call letters*.
I did some searching, and DMB (as the cool people call them, and have on their bumpers) are still going strong, coming to an amphitheater near me, or you. There are certain to be large groups of them, wearing their greek letters and proudly acting out the lyrics in front of unsuspecting normal people*** who would simply like to hear some good live music from some middle-aged men.

Fraternization and sororitization aside, it is my theory that Coldplay are the new DMB. Discuss.

*Clearly speculation on my part, but it could be true: aren't they sworn to secrecy?
**Patent Pending
***Not to say that "greeks" aren't normal. But who's to say, really?


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