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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Didn't You Know?

I started out this week thinking I was going to break down and get my hair cut by a professional. The last time I did this, it was October 2004. Well, yesterday, I read this post, and it got me thinking: hey! I cut my own hair all the time(aka: clipe les cheveaux). (I also read this post last month*). I think I really know what I'm doing this time. It also helps that I have curly hair: little mistakes are easy to disguise.

So, for your enjoyment, this is what i started the week looking like:

Sexy. Yes, no**? Sorry, my hair kinda blends into the living room there.

Anyhow, since it is National Cut Your Own Hair Month/Year***, I've taken matter into my own hands (and saved beaucoup des dollars). Viola, internet, behold:

Oh wait, it's dry now (and some makeup):

And some cuteness, just in case: SM looking worried you're cutting it again, mom?

*She does a nice job. Yes, no?

**I had a virology professor in college that said this after practically every question she asked.

***Heck, when is it not time to cut your own hair?!


Anonymous rachel said...

You did that yourself?! Wow! I cut my own hair, but it's quite wavy, which I figure hides many mistakes. Good work, you!

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Thank you! I hate to spend tons of money at the salon, and I also am scared of salons. There must be a name for that. And? I have to tip on top of that! Where are my scissors?


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