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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things that go Vvrroooommmm

I do not know when a boy's fascination with cars begins. It could start just after they are born: we cart them around to all places in the car. It could start when they start learning words: cars are everywhere and many different colors making them an easy teaching tool (red, yellow, slow, fast, big, small). When my dad played with SE when he was a lot younger, he wondered how he knew which was the front of the car, for they always had to go down the ramp forward. I dont' know, I don't think I had taught him that. What I do know: the boy loves his cars.

Ever since the fascination started, everyone else contributes to it. Cars for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, whatever. The one in the picture he got from my brother Joe's "mommy"(girlfriend). We speculate that SE calls her "his mommy" because all the women we get together with regularly are with men, and usually married with kids, making them and mommy and a daddy. Though I cannot tell you why he doesn't call my sister's boyfriend "her daddy". (It could be because he's know him longer, but what do I know).

Another thing I know, is that I love my two little boys.


Anonymous supa said...

Owen is, what, 17 months? And already he loves trucks. "Krug", as he calls them.

Funny how that works ... and how it just keeps going.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

How cute!
Sean says something like "chuck" with a little R trown in there.

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