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Monday, May 15, 2006

Are there Limits?

My husband and I were watching TV the other day and I happened across Austin City Limits. The Killers were playing. Then a band called Spoon came on. I enjoyed them very much.
I haven't been "into" music for a long time. Time. That is what keeps from it. I no longer have time to listen and search and discuss music. I used to be a fountain of useless facts about bands that I loved. I could tell you that Shawn Smith from Satchel played on this certain Afghan Whigs song and that he, together with Greg Dulli from the Whigs now (and also at that time) are in a band called the Twilight Singers. And on and on. Only other people that liked these bands cared. It's sort of like "name-dropping". But, it kept me sane, I think.

Back to Spoon. Together with the wonderful custom sound adjustment on our TV set and the HD broadcast of ACL, it made for a nice experience. Not every band can put together a song that you can rock along to. Sure, all songs have a beat, but not all can make you move. It made me think about how, never before, has there been a song exactly like the one this band is playing right now.
Is music truly infinite? Are there a finite number of notes, or does the scale continue on: ascending and descending into infinity? If so, there is an infinite combination of notes and instruments possible, never producing the same song twice. It is true, people are influenced by other musicians and music, and you may hear that in the song. But still, that song is truly original.

Just like people, I suppose.


Anonymous supa said...

1. Spoon = awesome.

2. Dropping Afghan Whigs knowledge = also awesome. I used to have that Gentleman album in very heavy rotation.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Ok, so I wasn't so lame (in certain circles).

That also gives me an idea for a birthday present. Must email husband now.


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