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Monday, May 15, 2006

My Mother's Day

I got up early (since I went to bed early) with SE and SM.
I made the boys pankcakes.
I got dressed for church.
I changed my pants.
I changed my shirt.
I changed my pants.
We went to church (I love large liberal churches).
I got 2 carnations and a rose.
We went to the mall and ate lunch (easiest for picky eaters like me).
Shopped a bit.
Shopped a bit by myself (thank you dearest hubby!).
Purchased new jeans, 3 tops, comfy J. Crew flip-flops and some smelly stuff from the Body Shop.
Got a white rose from the lovely people at J. Crew. How sweet of them. (I was dragging SM with me at that store).
We went to Sam's Club to load up on groceries.
Went home.
Watched Grey's Anatomy. WOW.
Also, nothing says Happy Mother's Day like that thing that means you're not a mother again.


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