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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Status Symbols

I like to think my kids will be unpretentious. That they will be proud of who they are and who their family is, regardless of what kind of car I drive (a Kia minivan, no less) or whether or not I bought SE tiny Nikes when he was 2 months old. When they see old pictures, I hope they remember how much fun they had, how much they loved that toy, or "gee, my mom used to be so pretty, what happened?". I agree with SJ, who says all of this and more, much more sarcastically.
My stroller is a Graco for two. I got a pattern I like. I've seen other people with it. That doesn't make me want to go out and one of those other strollers that are going to cost me 400$. There are other things that cost an arm and a leg that you don't need, or could buy for a lot less. I won't get started in on these things, but I'm sure most of you know what they are. Strollers, baby carriers, car seats... no parent is exempt from the bombardment. All I can say is : try to resist! All your baby needs is a safe home, nourishment, and lots of LOVE.

On a related note: I recently won a
Peanut Shell courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog. Nice and cozy, easy to use (no metal rings, straps or zippers), and well under 80$. I think I might buy another one soon!


Blogger Blogdreamz said...

They are young, and when they get older their views will change. My kids did the same as they got older but now they don't. I just tell them they don't want to be seen in our car. Get your own. LOL!


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