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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Impression That I Get

The boys and I did a little painting today: finger painting. Well, SE and I used brushes and SM actually did the finger painting. I think they use the impressionist style. I prefer pseudo-realism when I paint.

SM was excited and jumped right in by scooping blobs of paint onto his paper. The end result was quite nice, like a big reddish-brown rainbow with spots of blue and yellow. This was the first time he has ever finger painted (I'm scared of the mess) and it was quite messy. Despite having a towel tied around his neck and tucked tightly around his mid-section, he managed to get paint all the way up his arms and onto his sleeves, on his face, all over the table and on his booster seat. He didn't mind it one bit. I tossed him in the shower when we were done, shirt and all.

SE demanded the use of a brush. This is the third time he has ever painted (again, the mess). He did pretty good. He was painting waterfalls, with pipes and spots where the pipes went "sploosh" (burst open, I imagine). The brush created nice texture to the paint. He was quite pleased. And SM being the neater of the two, would wipe his fingers on his smock whenever he got a little bit of paint on them. This helped a little with the cleanup, except that he demanded to be put in the shower too. This entails SM taking of his clothes and telling you to help him into the tub. So, there are 2 wet shirts on the bathroom rug (somehow, SM got paint on the back of his shirt).

I'm sure the two of them will be excited to show daddy their artwork when they wake up from their naps. (I already showed him my painting before I left for work: large flowers).


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