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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Project Update

I'm currently working on a tote bag. Neat, huh? Maybe I'm really a little old lady.
Whatever, it looks like it's going to be cool. I used some of the fabrics I picked up at the FFFQF way back when. I mean, once you buy all the stuff, you eventually have to make something out of it!
I beaded a few bracelets last month, too.

In other worlds, today was a relatively good kid day. SE was doing more talking than I was yelling. That is always a good day in my book. He explains things to me and embellishes things to his liking. Or he sees some fish on TV and launches into his "aquarium" spiel... it always ends up with "and Auntie Becky was at the aquarium."
SM is growing up fast. At 21 months, he is becoming aware of his bodily functions. He will tell me when he pooped his diaper. And yesterday, he said "potty" and took me to the bathroom, where I put him on the toilet and he peed. He also did this for daddy once. This is quite a change from SE whom we didn't really start potty-training until he was around 3.
The house, with it's 3 boys is holding up well, all I have to do is convince daddy to watch them so I have more time to work on all my projects!


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