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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Solemn Vow

I swear that I will not cut my hair again! Really. Don't you believe me? C'mon, I swear. I swear! I just know that my hair will be beautiful if and when it gets past my shoulders. I meant WHEN! There is no "IF". Because I swore. Remember? Up there, a couple of sentences ago.

What I've been up to:
  1. I was inspired to make some aprons. So I found a pattern and made 2. I have plans to make a 3rd with some gorgeous red Japanese fabric with flowers outlined in gold.
  2. I got a pattern for children's coloring bags. It's cute. They have handles and little pockets on the outside for each fat crayon. I know, crayons in and out of little pockets, disaster! But! BUT! It's all cotton and of course, you get the washable crayons and you can just throw the whole thing in the wash. I made two with the sock monkey fabric I got the other weekend.
  3. I went a little tiny bit crazy (or bipolar, if you've seen that magazine ad) and bought another blanket for our bed. Hey, it was 22$! Matlasse! And pretty blue! Also, 400 thread count sheets for 29$. That's for the whole set, people! So very soft. And two big feathery pillows with blue stitching on them. That whole thing inspired me to make a pillow out of some fabric that I have that I do not know what the heck to do with that happens to match the aforementioned blanket and pillows. The pattern is in a book my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday. It's almost done, I think I'll finish it when I get home tonight. Pictures to follow.
  4. I don't have a 4, but I like the way it looks.

Again, to reiterate: I will not cut my hair!! I'm staging and intervention, on myself!

I will have to hide all scissors when I get home.


Anonymous mjd said...

Hey Elizabeth,
I know about the hair cutting thing. I am quite old and have been cutting my hair for sometime for a variety of reasons.
1. Cheaper that professional cut.
2. When I want my haircut, I want it cut now. I do not want to make an appointment or even drive to some walk-in-place. NOW
3. My hair is wavy; thus, my mistakes are usually hid in the waves.
4. I have had some bad professional haircuts.
5. I want to look nice, but vanity about appearance is not my greatest weakness.

I did recently have my professionally haircut for Useless Clutter's and Frema's wedding. I am U.C.'s mother, and I did want to look my best for the wedding. I also had a manicure, a first in forty years, and an eyebrow waxing, the first ever.

Good luck with the no haircut goal; it will be beautiful and past your shoulders soon. Remember hair grows about 1/2 to 1 inch a month. You will have flowing tresses by December.

Blogger Isabella said...

I've been procratinating making a hair appointment, but you've planted the seed that maybe I can cut it myself.

Can't find an email address for you but wanted to let you know we'll be reading War and Peace, starting next month. If you're interested, email me or leave a comment at http://readingmiddlemarch.blogspot.com/2006/06/war-what-is-it-good-for.html .

Blogger Elizabeth said...

mbd: thanks for stopping by! And to hear you say that I'll have long flowing hair by December is quite the encouragement! I'll have to keep coming back to read it every time I get the urge.

Isabella: just start slow!

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