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Saturday, November 05, 2005


As you may well know, it is November 5th. Here in Wisconsin, autumn is upon us. For the past few weeks, it's been slowly getting cooler (and then a little warmer) and cooler. Just last week, many trees were still green and the temperatures neared 70 degrees.
As this week draws to a close, the majority of the trees around have changed. The move from crisp greens to bright yellows. Dark auburn maples turn to orange. Bright green bushes turn to burning reds. All around the world is ablaze with color.
Our yard boasts a tall, spindley white birch tree. Its leaves aren't too big and aren't too small. They are green in the summer and bright yellow in the fall. Those bright yellow leaves have been gently falling past our living room windows all week long. Today, the birch gave up the rest of its leaves to the ground. A pretty yellow blanket for the still green grass.
Being it was still relatively nice out, the four of us (me, T, SE and SM) went out to rake. SE helped a bit, but had the most fun running through the nice piles of leaves we were making. He also helped put leaves in the piles. SM was content for a few moments to sit in the piles, but he had the most fun trying his skill at the porch stairs.
We got a good deal of raking done and put on the storm window for the screen door. The kids went down for naps and we rested on the couch, content with getting something done this weekend.
The afternoon turned dark around 2 o'clock, letting loose a few sprinkles of rain. Later, while we headed out to do our weekend shopping, lightening abounded. A strange sight for November. It rained and rained. On the return trip, the clouds let loose all their rain at once and a huge downpour. Thunder this time! We made it home ok and sat in the car until the rain let up enough to make a dash for the house.
Now the night is quiet. SM and SE are tucked into bed. The only sounds I hear are an occassionaly peep from SE, T talking in the basement and the winter winds blowing into the city.


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