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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Living in a Bubble

Can I live in an apartment? That was the question posed to me today.
Sure, I can live in an apartment. No problem!
I'm pretty sure I can stuff all our things into a 2 bedroom (with a den!) apartment. I know there's no basement, no upstairs and no backyard. But it so helps that the clubhouse has an exercise room with and attached play area where you can watch your kids through and big window whilst exercising. All the more reason to get off your ass, when you know the kids will be occupied. Also, a pool. And a little playground. And it's out in the boonies, so not a lot of traffic.
It is our plan to sell our wonderful house and live in an apartment for 1-2 years, the later part of which to build a house in. The extra money from the house sale will pay off our credit card debts and expenses for the apartment will be hundreds less than the house (with the added bonus of an attached 2-car garage).
I've already gotten berated by someone who thinks renting is throwing money away. Who, by the way, is renting. So whatever. But think: if the extra money from the equity we have and the higher price than what we paid will completely erase our debt, how is that not a good thing? We will also be able to save more money since we will not be spending so much on fixing up the house so it looks nice, because, let's face it, the house is pretty old (75 years) and things need to be fixed.
We will also be in a position to freely build a house and move into it without having to worry about a bridge loan or whether or not someone wants to buy our house at that time. We will have time to be choosy about where and what we build.
I also hear the school district is quite nice.
I will miss our house, but everything I love will be coming with me, so in time, I won't miss it anymore.


Blogger supa said...

sounds like a good plan to me!

Blogger Amy Caroline said...

We almost did the same thing a year ago. We changed our mind when selling the house became so difficult! Bad choice in realtor. Plus we didn't really want to move, just thought we had to.
But I completely agree with you. An old house is hard! Ours is only 30 something and almost impossible to keep maintained because the previous ownwers were so hard on it!
We hope in another year or so to buy some property and stick a brand new manufactured home on it. BRAND NEW... yeah... maybe that is just a dream though!
Good luck and blessings!

Blogger Elizabeth said...

Thanks, you two!
Another added bonus of this certain apartment: no DQ close by. Will work wonders for the waist-line.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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