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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Kind of Town

Oooh, lookit me. Standing near some giant mirrored blob in Chicago. It's amazing, sometimes, what passes for art these days. The Art Institute was much better. We were there all day (just me and T). I got to see all the Impressionists I wanted. A nice abstract Japanese painting of a cat. The Chagall. I recommend that one doesn't spend the entire day there. There is so much to see and even trying to cram it all into one day doesn't quite do everything justice. Plus, you become really really sore afterwards. Which makes it hard to eat dinner since you'd have to walk to a restaurant.
T and I spent 4 days in Chicago. We found an awesome deal for the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan that we couldn't pass up. Plus, when we checked in, they upgraded us to a king suite! It was very nice. Views of the river were from 2 vantages, being the room was in a corner of the building. Only two other rooms on that floor. Sheets were oh so soft and David Bowie graced the walls by the bed and the bathroom.
It was nice. The weather was pretty good, not too hot, not too cold. The hotel was close for walking and taking the subway. We became adept at using the RedLine and I convinced T to take the El on the way back from the Sears Tower (over-rated). We visited ChinaTown after a WhiteSox game. We caught a Blue Man Group show on the north side. Perused the Lincoln Park Zoo one afternoon. Chilled at some nice restaurants. Visited a nice little shop across the street for snacks and some wine.
That was the beginning of May. I get exhausted talking about it! We were glad to get back home to the kids, but still thankful for our time away, alone. Maybe next time, it will be a beach resort. I need to relax on my next vacation!


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