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Friday, December 30, 2005

Quinks (quilting links)

I'm browsing fabric. Once I've been to a shop, the mind really starts going with all the colors and patters and all the possibilities! Many "quinks" to click:

This is a nice one.
These are pretty.
Cute houses. I like it, but don't know if I'd use it. I would look good with denim.
bright fabric. Or "breit".
Awww... looks cozy.
I love the sunflowers in this
set of batiks.
I've never seen
repros from this the 19th century.
This would make a neat stack 'n' wack. (i was looking for "stack and wack" on the internet, and my blog came up. crazy.)
I love the way
blue and yellow look together.
I also
love asian prints. Especially those with gold accents in them.

I think I might try this
mystery quilt. Since I have so many fat quarters now... why not!
I like some of the patterns
here, I'll have to look around.

Or, if you want to
cut your own fats.

Well, I'm a bit quinked out for now. Off to do some work.

Fat Quarter Friday

Today was a wonderful day for errands:
  1. Dropped wedding band off at a jeweler's to have the prongs tightened.
  2. Stopped by store to use 15$ off coupon. Sweet!
  3. Took SM to the doctor for his 18 month check-up. He is big, tall and healthy. He has always been on the top of the charts since he was a baby, but his weight is now down in the 45th percentile (25 lbs.). His height is still up there at 33 3/4 inches (90th percentile). Bad part was: he had two shots. SE was there, and comforted him by saying sweet words.
  4. Went to my favorite quilt shop to take advantage of their "Fifth Friday Fat Quarter Frenzy". All fat quarters were 1$ (as opposed to 2.25$ normally). You had to buy them in lots of 10, so I found 20 that I liked. I'm totally going next time they do this sale because all their fabrics are the excellent quality ones. They usually run from about 8.25$ a yard and up, so this was quite the excellent deal.
  5. After that, we hit the grocery store since we are in dire need of food. Milk was top of the list and then came fruit. I went to the nice little Sendiks near our house. They had the best produce. I was able to find raspberries, cherries, blackberries, and great-looking grapes. I also picked up some champagne, because tomorrow is New Year's Eve (in case you forgot!).
  6. After we got home, I cleaned up the joint a little. At least the living room is clean now!
  7. Was excited to see my shoes and sandals had arrived. The shoes were a half size too big, but I am send them back to whence I got them for a free exchange.
  8. Then I drove to work in the crummy rain/sleet.
  9. Ahh, now I am here. And between D-Dimers and protimes, I told the other Beth about that darn jeweler charging me an arm and leg to tighten the prongs on my ring! More like straight to the wallet.
  10. At least I still have my 4 yards of 20 different fabrics at home to think about!

BTW... last post's quilt has not yet been realized

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"I Feel A ~Quilt~ Coming On!"

Hey, I have tons of old jeans! This is going to be a cool quilt.

Little may you know, I like to sew. So far, in my short quilting career, I've completed one quilt and started 3 more.

The first was a wedding gift for my sister-in-law. I was furiously trying to finish after SM

was born, while my mother-in-law was at our house helping out. The second one, I'm in the middle of hand-quilting the entire thing - this could be a futile project, but I've already started, so there's no turning back. The third I have all the fabric for and one row completed. This one takes a little time, since all the pieces are cut and sewn together as you go. But I do have all the fabric for that one, so there are no worries of any of the patterns being discontinued!
The fourth I started very recently. It is a stack 'n' wack.

My mom and I took a class at a quilt shop in Oakfield. I completed 3 blocks. The rest of the blocks are all cut, they just need to be pieced. I also purchased the fabric for the rest of the quilt (again with the disconinuation issues, since it takes me so long to finish a quilt).

In other sewing project news, I found simple directions for draft stoppers. I picked out fabrics that I think people in my family would like and I sewed them all in very little time. Right now, they are all sewn, tongues and eyes added, waiting to be filled. I'm using rice. I have one partially filled and I like the way the rice feels and weighs. I'll post a picture when they're all finished. Presently, they have taken up residence on the back of the living room chair. The boys like to play with them, too.

Well, I'm off to search for more projects!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Snowflakes Gently Falling

Click the title and make your own snowflakes online. I made 4 all in the same evening. It's addictive.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yeah, well...

So, it's been a long time. Really long. I don't have any excuses. No reasons. Just busy, I guess.
Wait! That was an excuse. Sorry.

It's a Saturday. T is out cleaning the mess in the garage. Stuff seems to have made it's way out there while it was warm and we were building the fence. We need to work on the basement so all that stuff has a permanent home. As for the garage, I would just like to park the car in there. That is all. Thank you!

All that mess in the garage has warrented another trip to the dump. A place that SE finds interesting. Especially the giant pile of computers. I have to see this for myself.

Well, it says I don't have a conncetion to blogger. Yet, my signal strength on our network is "very good".

I must go and clean the playdo out of the rug and SM's fingernails.