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Monday, October 31, 2005

Good Day

Well, now I know I have at least one friend. She was just barfing and dehydrated for the last 7 weeks, so she didn't email me back. But she finally did and now I'm not so sad anymore. I thought everyone hated me!

Congratulations to her, she is due on May 4th, 2006.

Great, Just Great

Lately, SE has been whiney, floppy, mumbley, stubborn, rude and all around disobedient. He wrinkles his nose, squinches up his eyes and loudly says "no way!" He throws little tantrums for no reason flopping onto the floor when I ask him to come into his room. I think that now, at age 3 and 2 months, he is coming into his "terrible twos".
This sort of things I exect from SM, who is 16 months old. He gets angry when I take away the toothbrush, or when I won't let him have it.
My husband and I are stretched to the very ends of our fragile little ropes. Lack of sleep and free time grate on our nerves.
We try reasoning, explaining, cajoling, yelling and punishing (on the steps for 3 mintues! quietly!)him. Today, we threaten to stay home from the museum (this means no dinosaurs!) or put him back in bed. I use some sort of distraction, enough to get us out the door and on our way. But by that time, T is all stressed out and in a bad mood himself. That leaves one more person to cheer up. Lucky for them, I was in a good mood.
I think it all worked out well, we had fun at the museum, we saw some dinosaurs, got very close to some butterflies and I got to see the exhibit about tombs and things, with it's one paltry mummy. Oh yes, and the mummified falcon and an Ibis. Can't forget those! We're lucky those Egyptians mummified animals so our museum at least got something for us to look at. (I'm being sarcastic here, thank you!)

We had a wonderful weekend, complete with a trip to the park and the zoo. The beautiful weather and sun and colorful leaves, and good behavoir, outshined the rocky start to Sunday.
A dissident preist's homily about "becoming great" that included a long reference to a 9/11 chaplain who was a recovering alcoholic and homosexual and did mass wherever he felt like it that week, who was killed while giving last rights to a fallen firefighter, and who was honored with a memorial at an Anglican church and everyone came, because he helped lots of people and went to AA and this and that. Basically, this chaplain was a "nice guy". Basically, we left mass after that. It's hard to find a church the way it is, and then there are priests at these churches who preach about becoming great, but not becoming Catholic. A thing that is so lacking at mass these days, it is hard to think that there are any real Caholics left. It is hard for many to know the truth and often, Sunday mass is the only chatechesis they get... so what is the flock to do? I'm lucky, and happy, that I have people around me that know a lot about Catholicism, and of course, the internet (reputable sources only!) has a wealth of information. But still, it is a struggle for us and everyone else. "Becoming great" is more than what you do that other people see. Becoming really, truely great, starts in your heart and soul, guided by the Holy Spirit, and works out from there. Once your inside is "great", the rest will follow. And for that, we are lucky that God loves us so much to give us all the chance to be great... and to raise great little kids, once they get past the tantrums.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Tote for All Seasons

You've seen them at Target... right now, there are orange and black ones. At Christmas, they are appropriately red and green. The rest of the year, they are shades of blue or clear or white. For children, there are primary-colored ones and pink/purple ones. Most of ours are blue and gray. Do they need to be color-coded for the seasons? Or for the user? And, for the love of all that is good and holy: do we need so many of them?!

While I was on my way out the door to go to work, my husband (T) informed me that his brother was driving up from the Chicago-area this evening. OK?

"To bring those totes up."

"OK," I guess he'll be staying the night.

"And then he's driving back tonight."

"OK," with an eye roll.

I do not understand what is up with all the rough totes(R) that we have and/or need. I agree that a few are useful for keeping things in the basement packed up and dry, or to store my maternity clothes. But I don't think we need well over 20. Now we're getting some more, which the BIL bought and used for moving and now has no space whatsoever to put them. If I had my way, they'd have to return them. I don't want my house to be the rent-free storage facility for things that other people don't have space for!

The ultimatum: If T starts using these "stored" totes for things, out they go! Back to whence they came from, or the trash. Seriously!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Click for a Cure

Many people may know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many people have had their lives touched by breast cancer. It may be you who is the fighter. It may be someone close to you, friend or relative. It may be further removed than that, friend-of-a-friend. It may be someone famous, like Deanna Favre, who has used their own fight with breast cancer to bring awareness.
For myself, it was my sister's godmother. She was a longtime friend of my mom's. I remember going to visit her when her kids were small. She survived breast cancer once and went into remission for many years. Last year it came back and she didn't beat it that time. Her kids are now in high school. I wish I had a picture to show, but I cannot find one. But I remember her in my heart, and so does everyone else whom she touched.

In leiu of a studious research paper, I have found some great links for you to check out:
Check out the shop
for 1 cent shipping and to donate 1% of a mammogram per item purchased!

The best medical information about breast cancer

Research makes all the difference

New research on adding MRIs to the breast cancer detection arsenal.

Currently, there are 62 new drugs in the pipeline for treating breast cancer.
Feel free to leave comments about how breast cancer has touched
your lives... and enter in the names of your
loved ones.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Them Teefs

Mystery solved : SM is getting more teeth. The big molars. This makes him very crabby and clingy. It also inhibits napping.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Status Symbols

I like to think my kids will be unpretentious. That they will be proud of who they are and who their family is, regardless of what kind of car I drive (a Kia minivan, no less) or whether or not I bought SE tiny Nikes when he was 2 months old. When they see old pictures, I hope they remember how much fun they had, how much they loved that toy, or "gee, my mom used to be so pretty, what happened?". I agree with SJ, who says all of this and more, much more sarcastically.
My stroller is a Graco for two. I got a pattern I like. I've seen other people with it. That doesn't make me want to go out and one of those other strollers that are going to cost me 400$. There are other things that cost an arm and a leg that you don't need, or could buy for a lot less. I won't get started in on these things, but I'm sure most of you know what they are. Strollers, baby carriers, car seats... no parent is exempt from the bombardment. All I can say is : try to resist! All your baby needs is a safe home, nourishment, and lots of LOVE.

On a related note: I recently won a
Peanut Shell courtesy of Celebrity Baby Blog. Nice and cozy, easy to use (no metal rings, straps or zippers), and well under 80$. I think I might buy another one soon!

Writing: Just OK

A shirt from Mrs. Kennedy is at the top of my christmas list.
I think I will have enough time between now and then to shape up in the writing department.

The crying game

SM has been very unagreable today. Crying and crying and crying. I think he needs a nap, but, also, he won't eat very much. Right now, he is pulling the drawstring out of my pajama pants, whilst crying. Poor guy.


We are having such wonderful weather around here! The high is supposed to be 70 degrees. I'm excited because my husband might be taking the afternoon off work. That way, we can all go to the zoo together. It is a rare thing, since I work evenings.
I enjoy working at night. I'm greatful to have found a part-time job in my field being they are so rare. I only work 25 hours a week. I'm home by 9:30. My children don't need to go to daycare (not that there's something wrong with that) and they get to spend quality time with their dad, who gets the added benefit of taking care of them by himself. Seeing the father as a care-taker is very good for children.

And speaking of children... SM is back, and crying. One cracker can do only so much.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fairly stylish godmother

Well, all the stuff I ordered came today, via UPS. It took a long time. And I don't like any of it. Except for the black satin sequined shoes. They're cute, I'm keeping them. When I will wear them, I don't know. I will never understand the short sweater over a long top craze. It doesn't look good. All it does is show off your lumpy mid-section.

Since I was so anxious to get something new to wear, I did go the mall on Thursday. I spent an ungodly amount of money at Ann Taylor Loft. They have cute clothes that don't make you look like a whore, or a high-schooler, take your pick. I got a pair of brown pants, a cotton shirt in green, and a "twin-set". I use the term "twin-set" loosely. I'm not a 40-year-old. It's a pink sleeveless shell and a matching cropped cardigan, more like a bolero. It's hard to describe... well, it's called a shrug. Check it out here: http://www.anntaylorloft.com/atlLMProductPage.process?RestartFlow=t&Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=19&Product_Id=55610 . (I have to figure out how to do those links better, I give up for today)
Quite different than the previous thing I was talking about. I thought it looked wonderful on me, especially with the brown pants. I'm going to wear it to the previously mentioned baby's baptism. Fitting outfit for the godmother, don't you think?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Since I'm going to a baby shower this weekend, I feel I need something new to wear. Why? I do not know.

So I bought an entire outfit online. It's my favorite way to shop. My credit card info is saved for easy check-out, some sites have nifty parts where they tell you what would look good with those pants or that shirt. And some, like I found today, have entire outfits planned, so you just picks sizes and change the colors if you like... and voila! outfit. The only thing bad was that they didn't have priority shipping available today. So I have to deal with standard and hope it arrives friday or saturday before we leave. Oy. It could get here before that. I ordered today, it might get packed tonight and shipped tomorrow, and usually shipping is pretty fast, even though it says 4-7 business days.
I better think about back-up outfits tomorrow.

FYI, I have tons of clothes. A lot are very old. And some do not fit me any longer. It is hard for me to get rid of them, and it is hard for me to resist buying new things. All the possibilities!

I think the only reason I succumbed today is that there was a sale in progress. The only thing I that wasn't on sale tremendously was the pair of ballet flats. I also purchased SE a new winter jacket, hat and mittens. The jacket was on sale ($20). So I just have to find him some boots and snow pants and he's all set. SM should fit into an old jacket and snow pants we have and the boots will be a little big, but we'll make due.
All in all, it was a pretty good bargain: shoes, purse, pants, tank, sweater, jacket, hat and mittens for $110. I got free shipping too!

And.. I can always return some things!

Monday, October 03, 2005

There's a first time for everything

Well, I had my first patient fainting tonight. Scary stuff.

I've been a certified MT for 5 and a half years. I learned to draw blood beginning about 8 months before that, while I was a student. Drawing blood is not too bad, once you get over any fears you might have.
Me, I was very nervous and would get all sweaty. I would DREAD waking up, knowing I would have to go and draw blood on at least 5 patients when I got in to the hospital. Though I'm not the most nervous student my coordinator has had. He told us of one student that took showers in the locker room every morning after she was done with her draws because she would sweat THAT much.
Regardless of nervousness, once you learn technique and are proficent at finding veins on healthy people, drawing blood goes well. The more practice you get, the better you get.

Back to the fainting...
The reason this is my first fainting in 5 odd years is that I drew patients in a large hospital. This means all the patients I saw were in beds of some sort. The arms are easliy positioned, there are plenty of nurses around in case you need them, and anyone you couldn't get, well, they'd send someone really good up, or make the doc do it. It was also good practice because most of these people were ill, which sometimes made for a challenging veinipuncture.
I was actually employed by said hospital for 3 months. Then I had SE... and quit. After 6 months I started looking for a job and I found this one. Great hours (4-9pm), I work 1 in 4 Saturdays 8am to 1pm (once ever 4 of my Saturdays I work 8-5), I don't need daycare for the boys, and it's a more relaxed environment compared to the hospital. Don't get me wrong, we have our share of craziness and busy-ness! The facility I work at is a large clinic with many specialties and many doctors and a walk-in clinic. We have plebotomists that draw blood all day until 6:30pm. Once they go home, whoever is scheduled in the Hematology department answers the phones and draws blood if our walk-in clinic needs it. Today, that is me.
Now that I'm writing about it, the fainting doesn't seem all that bad. It was still scary, but I think I did well. The patient even told me he was feeling light-headed and I took the tourniquet off and we telling him to put his head between his knees, but by then he couldn't really hear me. We have a nice system where you just hit the button on the wall and an alarm sounds in the lab. There are 3 other people here today (some days, just 2 others), and when they hear the alarm, someone comes running out to help. The patient was already coming-to when someone came out to help. It seemed like forever after I hit the buzzer, but she did come out right away.

It's back to work now, it's almost 8:00pm and walk-in hasn't called yet to let us know they're done. I hope I don't have a second time any time soon.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Guest Cleaning

My parents are coming today and we've been furiously cleaning the house. It seems that's the only time we work at it! It's hard to run after 2 kids, get yourself ready and everyone fed plus get those household things done.
SM is unloading the desk as I type. And now he figures he wants to be on my lap, probably to wreak havoc on the keyboard.
Well, so far so good... I've got the bathroom cleaned, the 2nd load of wash is almost done, the junk has been moved off the guest bed, SE is napping and I have found some spare time to blog!
Now, once the hubby gets up from HIS nap.... things will really get moving.